Dr. Maximilian Schmid Consulting offers a range of consulting services to help healthcare and life sciences companies grow their businesses and stay ahead of the competition. 

Strategy and Business Development: We help clients develop and implement strategies to overcome complex challenges, identify new business opportunities, and achieve their growth objectives.


Medical and Clinical Affairs: We offer expertise in enhancing medical and clinical affairs, focusing on strategy alignment with business objectives, clinical trial support, and evidence generation for  lifecycle management. 


Product Development and Launch: We support clients throughout the product development and launch process, from concept to commercialization, to ensure successful market entry and adoption.


Global Expansion: We offer unique expertise in global expansion for healthcare and life sciences companies, providing strategic guidance and support for US companies entering international markets.


Regulatory Compliance and Quality Management: We help clients navigate regulatory requirements, implement effective quality management systems, and maintain compliance.


Mergers and Acquisitions: We provide strategic guidance and support for mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships, helping clients assess potential opportunities, conduct due diligence, and execute successful transactions.